Saturday, April 3, 2010

Keeping It Civil

It looks like Josh and his fellow rabble rousers had a positive effect on at least one person who attended the protest last Saturday. Daron Williams, founder of a local Coffee Party chapter, speaks of the need for civility in discourse in today's Spokesman Review.

There were three younger guys at the rally who were each holding a sign that simply said “rabble.” They were moving around both groups with their signs saying “rabble, rabble, rabble.” People walking by began asking if they could get their pictures taken with the rabble boys, and over the course of the event the rabble boys managed to get interviewed by local media.

They got me thinking about the Coffee Party and why the message of civility in politics is needed so much in this country.

The protest and counter rally simply did no good for anyone. Neither side came out ahead or won the other side over, and to the people passing by the only message that got through was “rabble, rabble, rabble.” The political polarization that was present that night is the same polarization that we see every day in Washington, D.C.

The Coffee Party is a national movement based on the simple idea that when we sit down face to face over a cup of coffee (or tea) we can actually have a conversation. By having a conversation instead of a yelling match, we can start moving forward to solve the problems of our day. We can see each other not as conservative or liberal but as fellow Americans.

We have to start talking to each other again and ensure that all of our voices are heard.


Anonymous said...

Hank, is it true that Mary Verner reversed a pledge to darken City Hall for Earth Hour? Was this due to the Patriot's protest?

Hank Greer said...

You know what they say when you assume something.

Many of us that evening were under the impression that the lights at City Hall were to be turned off at 8:30. Looking back on all the info I had available to me, the only thing Mary Verner did was express the city's support for Earth Hour. I can't find anything saying she planned to turn the lights out. It seems we made that assumption because that was what you were supposed to do as a sign of your support.

Anonymous said...

thanks for clarifying! Glad to see she didn't cower to the Patriots.

Anonymous said...

The real debate is which type of coffee. Homebrew drip vs Folger's Crystals. And of course you'd have the Starbucks snobs with their $4 lattes. And do you have soy mild available for the vegans? This could get complicated.