Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Comment Change

Since traveling and work tend to create lag time for comments to get moderated I'm switching to the word verification. Maybe that'll also stop that nasty spammer whose comments I keep rejecting. Don't worry, you anonymous commenters can still remain so.


John Speare said...

what fun would the internet be w/out anonymous commenters?

spineless turds.

Anonymous said...

The internet is full of anonymous people who have names, but aren't really who they say they are.

Hmm...John Speare? Are we sure you are really who you say you are?

Even Hank only gives his first name....Is his name really Hank, or is it just a name he gives himself for his blog?

We only give the information we are comfortable giving out on the internet.

John what's you address? Or is that anonymous?

Anonymous said...

who are you that you ask such suspicious and nosey questions? Or is Anonymous really your name like you say? What's YOUR address!

Marsha Macy
(my real name? Maybe yes.. maybe no)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I don't care what his address is.

People should concentrate on the message rather than the name, which could be anyone we want to be. It doesn't matter.

I can post a name if you want me to. How about Hank John Macy? Or HJM for short...

Will that help? ;P