Wednesday, May 5, 2010

That's My Boy

Almost two weeks ago, I read about a web site called suddenly being blacklisted as a phishing site. It was supposed to be a site to educate people about phishing and it in turn was blacklisted for allegedly being such as site. I didn't pay much mind to the story and certainly didn't pay attention to the details.

Come to find out my first born was involved. You can read the story about him and his friend's involvement on his site.

Now if you go to using the Firefox browser, you'll be warned it's a bad, bad site. Go ahead and go to it. It won't hurt you. Then click the About link. Then go back and click the "Check if my credit card is stolen" button.

What a hoot!


Rachel said...

Wow. And here I always thought those blacklist sites at least took the time to scan any client-side code and sniff some packets...

I think this was more than a success! Not only did it educate some abot phising, it also showed the half assed research behind some news stories. It also brought forth some flaws with the black listing sites! Are they just over cautious, or us their process flawed and not only blocking legitimite sites, what is it NOT catching?

Hank Greer said...

Good points, Rachel.