Saturday, May 15, 2010

Skewered By Colbert

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Anonymous said...

Well written comedy routine. Admittedly, it was funny.

However, since you have "only seen/heard about 10 seconds" of Glenn Beck, it would be a mistake to continue to rely on those liberal/progressive comedians, opinion piece writers, blogs critical of anything conservative, etc (you get the picture) and not watch/listen for yourself every single day. See for yourself rather than depend on progressive partisan hacks who clearly do not know what they are talking about.

Beck's viewership and listenership continues to grow because the American people know there is something drastically wrong with the direction this president and this congress are taking us.

You are a proponent of civil liberties. The progressive agenda you support is clearly working hard to take our civil liberties away.

You criticized John McCain about Miranda rights....Well, Attorney General Eric Holder holds the same view. As already stated, so does Joe Lieberman.

One thing they all have in common (regardless of party affiliation) is that they are all progressives. Glenn Beck doesn't care about party affiliation, he is a concerned about the progressive agenda and preserving our civil liberties.

You agree with Glenn Beck more than you will ever know but you have only given him 10 seconds of your time. As a result, you know nothing of him so you are reduced to making fun of him which shows you are not an objective commentator.

That is both "misleading and dishonest".