Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weird Stuff

Mariah mentioned the Agenda Is Evil web site on her Facebook page yesterday. So I had to take a look.

Here is the domain name information:

Chris Bass
3325 Lorna Road 2-314
Birmingham, AL 35216

Created on: 07-APR-10
Expires on: 07-APR-11
Last Updated on: 07-APR-10

Administrative, Technical Contact:
Bass, Chris administrator@arminarm.org
3325 Lorna Road 2-314
Birmingham, AL 35216

I thought it odd that a site concerning Spokane would be owned by someone in Birmingham, AL. I have no idea who Chris Bass is. The site is hosted by Tierpoint LLC which is located in Liberty Lake, WA.

Bass's email address caught my attention and sent me off on a tangent. I went to arminarm.org and found a low key "grassroots" site for organizing your neighborhood, stockpiling enough food for a year, and generally focusing on preparing for the next great catastrophe.

From the mission statement:

To unite and support Americans in their local communities to prepare for any catastrophic event, be it manmade or natural, political or economic in nature--by proposing, developing, and implementing solutions to our most immediate concerns.

Interestingly, among the many resource sites on Arm In Arm, they list S.C.O.P.E. Spokane which makes me think the site owner is local.

The domain information does not list a contact name, but does reflect the site is hosted by Tierpoint in Liberty Lake.

Arm In Arm doesn't appear to have any registered users. The classified ads, polls, event calendar and forums are empty. And this is a site that's been in existence since Feb 2009.


The Spovangelist said...

Very interesting indeed. Thanks for checking it out, Hank.

Lucas said...

My favorite part of the Agenda21 site is:

"When you hear 'democracy' think 'majority-approved theft.'"

If so, what are they proposing as an alternative?