Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm Gonna Be So Frickin' Rich

I received this letter in the mail yesterday. The envelope was addressed to my name and address, complete with ZIP Plus Four and "United States". The stamp on the envelope is pictured here on the right. It's from South Africa and has "International Airmail Small Letter" on it. There's no return address. What a surprise, right? Above my address is the text "REACH YOUR CUSTOMERS DIRECTLY : CONTACT OUR DIRECT MAIL CENTRE". Note the non-American-English form of spelling "centre".

The horrible grammar and spelling, all capital letters, tempting me to share information in order to get 25% of "ONE HUNDRED AND EIGTHEEN MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS", and keeping it secret so I don't blow the deal scream of it's authenticity--as a scam.

So don't tell anybody about this, okay? I want to get what's coming to me.

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