Monday, May 24, 2010

Something For Bloggers Everywhere

My Troll

My troll stays safely hidden.
You'll never know it by sight.
I wouldn't know if I passed it by
On any day or night.

It has an opinion on everything
And knows more than you or I.
My troll will say so every time,
But never look you in the eye.

The shadows give my troll the courage
To assert and pontificate.
Sadly my troll's greatest strength
Is simply to irritate.

When offered a serving of food for thought
It resolutely starves its mind.
My troll claims only it sees the truth
And all others must be maligned.

You may hear my troll shout out at times
With fury or with malice.
A blunderbuss whose repartee
Is with feelings hard and calloused.

So when you hear it agitate,
Don't let it dark'n your day.
If we all pretend that it's not there
Maybe it will go away.


John Speare said...


Anonymous said...

Excellent poem.

No, not an opinion on "everything".

Just the obvious politically partisan posts blasting anything...anything...conservative while ignoring the sins of the progressive liberals. (I have been upfront about that...)

Otherwise, the rest of your posts are objective, witty and thoughtful examining life in general. They are enjoyable to read.

Thank you!

The Troll...

Anonymous said...

Oh, BTW.

You have many trolls on here.

I don't comment that much and those who use "my" name (Anonymous) write differently than I do.

For instance, I didn't write for you to get off your "liberal high horse". It isn't my style to do that.

Anyway, wanted to point out that you have many trolls...not just one, like you believe...