Thursday, August 11, 2011

Amusing Ourselves To Death

I rarely watch the television news and after my short visit to KXLY 4 HD last night I won't stop by again for a while. I was just in time to catch the weather lady, her distractingly bright pearly white teeth in a constant smile-grimace reminding me of Michelle Bachmann, talking excitedly about the 40 consecutive days of 100 degree weather in Dallas, TX and how they're approaching the record of 42 days suffered in 1980. No mention of the dozen people who have died in Dallas from the heat. Or the dying cattle, parched farms or crackled lake beds.

Then she closed with a video of a man in Florida floating down a flooded street on an air mattress with exclamations of "Wow" and "Awesome" interjected between the yuks.

A happy day for television tripe.

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