Friday, August 26, 2011

What Do The People Who Count Think?

In today's Spokesman Review we have an AP article telling us how pleased Republican voters are about the Republican contenders for president. (Props to soccermomsusie again for sinking the hook a couple of times.)

The article lists Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, and Michelle Bachmann as the top three in the running. I was going to write about how wacked out each candidate is as they try to out-extreme each other when I checked out the poll this article is based on (PDF). I realize the article is about how Republican voters feel about the known or possible candidates, but there's a lot more in the poll that I find far more interesting.

Percentage who have a total unfavorable impression of...

Sarah Palin: 59%
Newt Gingrich: 57%
Michele Bachmann: 43%
Mitt Romney: 41%
Rudy Guiliani: 40%
Rick Perry: 36%
Ron Paul: 36%
Rick Santorum: 31%
Jon Huntsman: 28%
Herman Cain: 27%

Percentage who are totally dissatisfied with the people who may be Republican candidates: 50%

Percentage who thinks it's slightly or not important a candidate shares their religious views: 63%

Percentage who think abortion should be legal in most/all cases: 51%

But apparently the most important information to be gleaned from the poll is how Republican voters feel about possible Republican candidates.

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