Monday, August 1, 2011

Bad-Ass Boise Bogus Basin Bikeway

While visiting my brother-in-law in Boise I took a ride up Bogus Basin Road last Friday. It's a 16-mile climb out of the desert into high woodlands. You know it's a bad ass ride because part of the route is named after a cyclist named Armstrong. No, not the Tour guy, but the Olympics lady who also lives in Boise and used this climb for her Olympic training.

The lead off sign that informs you of the bad ass ride you're about to go on.

I kept the safety on for the first two miles. That gives you a chance to warm up before you enter the free fire zone.

Another clue for how bad you are for doing this ride. This is great for those who ride without some sort of electronic tracking device--unless they're on probation.

You know you've reached the top when you pass this sign and then run out of pavement at the ski lodge. If you're even more bad ass you're on a mountain bike and you continue on the trails.

A view of the route from the top. Sorry for the rotten Blackberry photos.

Another sign at the eight-mile mark on the way down to remind you how bad ass you are.

I recommend doing this ride early in the morning. If you wait until 1:00 pm and it's 97 degrees outside, then you'll probably run out of water three or four miles from the top. A white foamy crust forms in both corners of your mouth, your dessicated body wilts, and your addled mind starts fantasizing about hamburgers and ice cold colas. And if your brother-in-law doesn't tell you about the water fountain that's near the ski lodge, you'll have a dry coast back to town.

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