Saturday, August 13, 2011

This Is A Test

Did anyone else receive an annoying robocall from the College Republicans? It started off with that old style emergency broadcast warning system sound which was rather appealing in a pull-the-phone-away-from-your-ear-to-save-your-hearing moment. But I decided to stay on to hear what the emergency was about. The recorded message quickly spouted a toll free number I could call if I never wanted to receive this message again. Danged short term memory. Then they proceeded with a vitriolic message about how President Obama is destroying the country and how hard the College Republicans were going to fight him.

Press 1 to hear how the College Republicans will fight Obama.

Press 1 now.

Press 1 now.


They would have impressed me just as much if the message was, "APPLE JACK! APPLE JACK! APPLE JAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!"

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