Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another Bogus Survey

Our fair congresswoman, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, is asking us to  complete a survey just like she did last year. Come to think of it, she never provided any feedback on the results of that survey. This year's survey isn't much different than last year. I have to wonder if the congresswoman purposely uses the most inept web page survey developers. I ran it through a validator and came up with 212 errors.

You can still get by with lots of piddly HTML errors, but the design of this survey is worse. The wording is just as atrocious as last year. Last year you could select multiple answers on a few questions. This year you can only select one, but you also cannot provide any other feedback. I noticed an asterisk at the end of the first question so I scrolled down to the bottom to see what it meant. There is no explanation and every question has an asterisk at the end. (Click on the images to read them easier.)

Same question as last year with one major difference. You can select Other but you can't provide any information about it. Last year there was a text box that allowed input.

Since when is it her responsibility to create jobs? Why is there an Other if you can't make a comment? Select Other. The choices almost mirror the choices for the next question.

Notice a trend here? The responses she provides only consider raising/not raising taxes, cut spending, or let the deficits continue. I guess she misses the news that the deficit has decreased. It ain't perfect yet, but things got better as certain tax breaks expired resulting in more revenue and defense spending in Iraq and Afghanistan dropped $61 billion.

Interesting use of framing here. Last year she said she voted against health care "reform". Not the best  choice of words. This year she says she voted against the President's health care legislation. She doesn't mention that Republicans had a huge part in creating that legislation as they had 400 amendments adopted. Again, it's been three years since the passage of the legislation. McMorris Rodgers and the Republican House has voted to repeal the health care legislation 33 times. If they wanted to improve upon it, why haven't they come up with a bill to do so? They've had plenty of time. Repeal hasn't worked so select Other/Unsure.

Replacing the Keystone oil pipeline question from last year we have a disingenuous question asking what you think about climate change. Somehow our congresswoman thinks all jobs directly tied to coal and oil. Those damned green jobs are hurting jobs. Or something.

Same question as last year with a minor change in one answer. Now you can be Other/Unsure instead of Unsure.

Same question about Afghanistan as last year. Is there a problem other than the fact that we should get the heck out and quit killing innocent people with drones?

Same question on immigration as last year but with a trick to it. The last two answers are in reverse order. Almost got me!

C'mon! Just like last year the answers don't have anything to do with the question.

Same as last year and the answers still have nothing to do with the subject of gun control. There's much more to gun control than gun ownership.

More feeding of the talking points again. Write a letter instead.

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