Thursday, January 31, 2013

Losing Or Using Our Heads

Here's an idea. Let's put our collective head in a guillotine and set a timer for the blade to fall at midnight on December 31, 2015. While the timer is running, we'll have a group of people who rarely agree on anything agree on how they want to keep the blade from falling before the timer runs out. At first glance it sounds like a great idea to make everyone reach agreement, doesn't it?

That's the scenario presented by legislation entitled the Tax Code Termination Act, which is being cosponsored by our very own representative, Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

For those who think it matters, the bill is only one page in length and easy to read, which also makes it easy to see that with this legislation House Republicans meet or exceed the level of ridonkulousness--a word that surely should have been coined for the purpose of describing their antics--they are now known for, reaching new heights of insanity despite their self-administered frontal lobotomies. 

Let's not think about this proposed legislation.

First of all, no federal income taxes after Dec 31, 2015. If you thought the Bush tax cuts were great, imagine how much better off  you'll be with a 100% cut in federal income taxes.

What do they offer to replace the tax code with?


Instead the bill states:

(a) Structure - The Congress hereby declares that any new Federal tax system should be a simple and fair system that--
     (1) applies a low rate to all Americans;
     (2) provides tax relief for working Americans;
     (3) protects the rights of taxpayers and reduces tax collection abuses;
     (4) eliminates the bias against savings and investment;
     (5) promotes economic growth and job creation; and
     (6) does not penalize marriage or families.
(b) Timing of Implementation - In order to ensure an easy transition and effective implementation, the Congress hereby declares that any new Federal tax system should be approved by Congress in its final form no later than July 4, 2015.

You would think that an effort by House Republicans to cut off the US Government's single largest source of revenue would be akin to biting the hand that feeds you. You would think, but why should you? Cathy McMorris Rodgers and the other sponsors aren't. 

"Congress hereby later than July 4, 2015." Or what? They lose a day off? Check out the congressional calendars and see if you can find when the House and Senate worked through the Independence Day holiday. But instead of thinking about it, let's set a date that brings to mind waving the flag and outdoing each other's flag pins. Patriotic fervor outweighs substance.

You would also think that if our tax code doesn't apply a low rate to all Americans, doesn't provide tax relief for working Americans, doesn't protect taxpayer rights or reduce tax collection abuses, is biased against savings and investment, doesn't promote economic growth and job creation, and penalizes marriage and families (DOMA?), that one could offer up legislation that addresses and corrects these problems. Again, I ask, why are you thinking? Please, please try to avoid looking beyond the anti-tax and anti-government bumper sticker appeal. The reality that lies within is far too disturbing for you and I. It should be left to the enfeebled Republican minds within our legislature even though they may be incapable of independent thought and exhibit the characteristics of a real-life version of the assimilating Borg and their menacing warning that resistance is futile. 

Where was I? Oh, yes, not thinking. Backsliding for just a moment, let's look at items (1) and (2) in the above list. If all Americans get a low tax rate and all working Americans, (presumably, "working" means earning money on which they'll pay taxes), are provided tax relief, then who is left to pay taxes and what revenue will our government survive on? Forgive my foolishness. It reeks of thinking.

Allow me to borrow words from Republican Governor Bobby Jindal when I say this bill bears all the marks of originating from the stupid party. It appeals on an emotional basis and leaves reason, logic, and thinking by the wayside. Ending the income tax on a set date without a replacement on hand would create a desperate situation forcing Congress to do anything to keep the blade from slamming through the lunette. What the unthinking Republicans define as a "simple and fair system" has yet to be determined and great is the mistake you make in assuming they will be forthcoming with a tax code that is truly simple and fair. Were Hercules assigned this as a thirteenth labor he would have failed miserably, even with help from the gods.

Is it unreasonable to craft a new tax code beforehand, conduct hearings, discuss options and effects, and end the curent tax code with the implementation of a new one? It is if the legislators are unreasonable to begin with.

I'm reminded of the repeal and replace mantra Cathy McMorris Rodgers has been chanting about the Affordable Health Care Act. She and her fellow Republicans have voted to repeal health care reform over 30 times but--and it's been three years since health care reform was passed!--they have yet to submit substitution legislation.

But don't think about it.

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Rachel said...

I already think our taxes are a low rate. I mean, compare the rates to any other first world country's taxes....