Monday, January 28, 2013

Useless Security Questions

I appreciate the steps that organizations take to help you protect personal information, financial accounts, etc., but they don't always get it right. Below is a list of security questions I was offered. I highlighted all the bad ones. Why are they bad?
If you visited the city you would most like to visit, wouldn't you now most want to visit a different city?  Could you discover a new or different author and become so enamored with their works that they become your all time favorite?

I shouldn't belabor the point, which is, that for all of the highlighted questions, things can change. 

One way to save yourself some trouble is to use password management software where you can add your security questions, PIN, and any other necessary to the account information. Then you can note your favorite sport, car, etc., as they were at the time you answered the question.

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