Sunday, January 20, 2013

Josh's Birthday

Kathy, Steph, and I went over to Seattle on Friday, which was Josh's 21st birthday. Geoff flew up from San Francisco. Josh's girl friend, Amanda, and my Aunt Janet and Uncle Mike joined us for a birthday dinner. After dinner, Mike and Janet took Steph home with them and we repaired to "The Ave" where we met up with some of Josh's friends. He has great friends by the way.

For Josh's sake I did not take any photos of his birthday celebration. I don't know how many bars do this, but we went to the ones that offer a free drink if it's your 21st birthday. Of course, the college kids know which ones to go to. Some of them make you drink it quickly. Some of them give you a drink so strong you don't need any more for the night. Josh had one of each after he'd already had a couple under his belt.

Nuff said. The next day....
Janet had made Josh a Manhattan Vermouth Cherry cake. We invited our west-side family members to join us on Saturday to celebrate with Josh. Josh was present and unsurprisingly feeling under the weather. Aunt Judith and her husband, David, sister Kathy and her husband, Gunnar, brother John and his wife, Susan, and their daughter, Bekah, and Amanda were all on hand.

Janet had asked everyone to come up with creative ideas for giving Josh 21 one-dollar bills. Most were inserted into empty wine bottles. Good luck fishing those out. 
The most creative presentation came from my brother, John. He rolled up each dollar nice and tight and put them in a plastic baggie. Then he dumped some catnip in to give it that sense of authenticity. You can tell how authentic it looked from the expression on Kathy's face.
Josh was very appreciative of his family and friends celebrating his 21st. He also appreciates discretion.

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