Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Being Serious...ly Crazy

Cathy McMorris Rodgers recently had this to say about our country reaching the debt limit.

 “I think it is possible that we would shut down the government to make sure President Obama understands that we’re serious,” House Republican Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington state told us. “We always talk about whether or not we’re going to kick the can down the road. I think the mood is that we’ve come to the end of the road.”

I'm reminded of that scene in Blazing Saddles where the new sheriff comes to town. 

CMR: "Hold it! The next man who makes a move, the congresswoman gets it!"

Olson Johnson: "Hold it, men. She's not bluffing."

Dr. Sam Johnson: "Listen to her, men. She's just crazy enough to do it!"


Eggs Benedict Arnold said...

Obama's decision to allow an enormous hike in my payroll taxes has pushed me to my debt limit, and pushed me over a personal fiscal cliff.

The ruling class is having a cock fight over their debt limit, but I can't even afford to place a wager.

Who cares.

Canada, invade, please? Hell, we'll swap for Mexico's elites at this point. Hey Mexico, you busy for the next two hundred years or so?

Mexicanos, al grito de guerra
el acero aprestad y el bridón!

His Excellency Enrique Peña Nieto said...

:-) Senor Huevos:

It is with great regret that I must decline your invitation to further invade your country. Mexico is already overwhelmed with the governance of Texas, California, and Yakima. Please excuse the expression, but your rulers really need to get their shit together.

Although the Mexican elites can be no further service to you, you may consider that Fidel Castro is currently unemployed. I hear he is tanned, rested, and ready.

¡Buena suerte!


Lucy said...

Ricky! I have to say that your comment has caused a lot of soul-searching here north of el norte.

Over at the New York Times, Tom Friedman kicked things off by announcing his own resignation, explaining that

"Today you need to work harder and smarter, learn and re-learn faster and longer.... The high-wage, middle-skilled job is a thing of the past. Today’s high-wage jobs all require higher skills, passion or curiosity."

That's right, old elite dumb-ass, lazy-bones ignorant, incurious, unskilled, passionless Friedman is a thing of the past! No more columns based on objects found in duty free shops! No more in depth cab driver interviews! No more cheesy high-dollar speeches stroking Spokane elites!

And if Friedman can resign, why not all of less-than-mediocre Washington (and Wall Street etc)? Friedman makes exactly this point: you won the election, now quit.

MASS ELITE RESIGNATION NOW. It's the only way "forward" on global warming and every other issue.

Plus, it will open up lots of nice-paying jobs!

Hey Barrrrrry, if you don't resign, you've got some 'splainin to do!

You could start by telling us how you got the media to report a tax INCREASE on working class people as a tax DECREASE.

OK, back to the candy factory. Tom Friedman makes a cameo at the beginning.