Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bike And Pedestrian Count And A Reminisce

Today was my day to count at the intersection of Addison and Rowan this morning. It started off slow but picked up after 8:00 am when the kids started heading to school.

The school crossing guard program is much different than when I was a crossing guard back in 1968. These days they have adult supervision. Back when I was a Crossing Guard Sergeant at Bryant Elementary (thanks to my buddy Jessie Powell who was the Crossing Guard Captain, which incensed the hell out of Helen Eggleston who certainly deserved to be Sergeant because she had way more time on the squad than me), our flags consisted of heavy metal rods with a red STOP flag. We made great sport of waiting until the cars were just about on us and we'd jump out with our flags. We wore a white canvas belt with a strap that crossed diagonally across the chest and over the shoulder with a kind of highway patrol look to it. And we had a metal badge on that strap. I don't think safety orange had been invented yet. Ah, the good old days.

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