Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cathy McMorris Rodgers - Clueless

Leave it to our congresswoman to complain about the national health care web site and ask her constituents for their horror stories. It's as if she had no clue that her constituents sign up on the Washington Health Benefits Exchange site, which is working quite well, and not the national site that's having so many problems.

I fail to see how an overwhelmed, less-than-par web site proves that the health care law (She must be slipping--she didn't say "Obamacare") is unworkable. 

I wonder if she brags to any of her fellow House members that her state's exchange site is an example of how we can make this law work?


Mike said...

Thanks Hank for a good laugh this morning! got that right.

Fore Play said...

Glad Democrats have worked up to admitting "less than par." It's a start!

Actually some Progressive allies are pressing for more realism, including looking at a mandate delay if the website and systemic issues aren't fixed. Seems unfair to fine people for Obama's failure.

There is also movement to get relief for families whose children are blocked from subsidies because the parents' employer offers family coverage. Another costly Obama error.

An even more serious issue for the federal plan states:

While competition is intense in many populous regions, rural areas and small towns have far fewer carriers offering plans in the law’s online exchanges. Those places, many of them poor, are being asked to choose from some of the highest-priced plans in the 34 states where the federal government is running the health insurance marketplaces, a review by The New York Times has found.

Yes, quite subpar. Quite.

Medicare For All playing through, suckas.

Anonymous said...

So, I can't complain about surveillance or other issues to Representatives outside of my district? What if, like McMorris Rogers they are in national leadership positions?

I can't complain about the federal exchange to my rep even though I have affected family members in other states?

Yes, she's fishing. Isn't that kinda how democracy works? Aren't Democrats just ordering citizens not to complain?

Here's an idea: fix the signup website.

What goes around said...

Well, at least McMorris Rodgers' website works.

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about unworkable, but the flaws in Obamacare are surprisingly deep. The worst damage was SCOTUS and Republican Governors refusing Medicaid. But, some of the flaws are intrinsic to the law itself. The law is really shafting rural poor people, not a Democratic consitituency, I realize. Not so great for some people to get subsidies either, because of the complexities of workplace insurance.

If this had been a national Romneycare, Democrats would be demanding Romney be impeached. Comparatively, reaction is muted.

Anonymous said...

Not all state exchanges have been successful. The failure in Vermont of Obamacare may prove a harbinger for single payer, which has extensive support. Like the rural areas, there is too little competition for a market approach, in Vermont somewhat by design.

We think that the federal system may fail, but state systems will stay. California, Washington and Oregon could conceivably combine a market approach giving way gradually to a nonprofit model.

Midwestern states may create a combined single-payer.

The South and interior west will flounder. As NSA engulfs the Obama administration, there will be no more Obamacare...

El Cerebro del Mal said...

December brings the trifecta:

>ACA deadline

>The biggest NSA relevations

>Budget Wars Deux

A perfect storm.

1. Delay the personal mandate to 2015. The President can do this unilaterally.

Rather than throw good money after a half billion bad, instead adapt, expand and improve the Medicare/Medicaid board's software and eligibility assesment processes to include Obamacare. Use proven systems which are known. Call in the codger coders.

2. Come clean on NSA, all of it, before the new revelations. Don't lie. Start a record of truthtelling.

3. Use the mandate delay as a budget bargaining concession chip.

El hacha diabólica said...

Single payer by Presidential fiat under cover of fixing the software?

Now that is "mal." Love it.

Another way Obama could generate some goodwill on the NSA would be prosecute the former director for revealing state secrets and leaking:

Luchadora the Explorer said...

Hayden is el prick diabolica.