Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cathy McMorris Rodgers - The Marionette

How ironic that she speaks of leadership. This manufactured crisis started because extremists within the Republican party decided now was the time to stop the Affordable Care Act. Speaker Boehner, more interested in keeping his job than showing any leadership, bowed to the extremists. Thanks to the Hastert Rule, Republicans prevent bipartisanship by only bringing up bills for a vote that have the support of the Republican majority. Thanks to the extremists for whom she is carrying water, that majority doesn't exist. Consequently, the House did not vote on a Senate-passed continuing resolution that funded the government at the level the Republicans wanted simply because it did not defund the Affordable Care Act. Now Cathy McMorris Rodgers and her party have escalated this manufactured crisis and threaten to put our country in default, which extremists in her party are saying would be a good thing.

Don't talk to us about leadership, Congresswoman. We can see the strings controlling you.


Girl With the Golden Hair said...

Remember the days when "extremism" meant rendition, torture, massive government spying, illegal war, paramilitary police, civil liberties violations, unpunished bankster fraud? Now that stuff is mainstream puppet theater for kids.

Mainstream marionettes are scarier than extreme marionettes. How did that happen?

Obama will assert the 14th.

With strings attached.

Anonymous said...

With Obama, the Kochs, Clapper, and the banksters all on the same side now, I imagine their marionettes will escalate the rhetoric from "extremists" to "terrorists" by week's end.