Friday, October 11, 2013

Bike Hang At Glen's

Where bacon goes with everything.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Beijing; good night Goldman Sachs.

Yer balls in a swing; yer nuts in a crack.

Bacon on a weiner,
Life's gettin' leaner

Default's on the grill,
Cookin' up meaner

Fuck the Wall Street; fuck the PolitBureau

Tea in the pot; coffee gets zero

Dollar in the tank, filled up to empty

Guess who's hungry, in the land of plenty

Good morning Beijing...

Relish said...

The optimal outcome for Progressives would be a split between the bacon and the weiners--a real Tea-Libertarian party separating from Republicans.

At least possible is the budget passes with all Democrats and half the House Republicans, either ending Boehner's speakership or continuing it with Democratic votes--de facto coalition parliament.

If Tea did split, Progressives could split as well, at least as a more disciplined caucus, and vote with Tea on civil liberties and war issues and populist issues, and with Democrats on social issues and taxes.

Three parties can't survive without coption, but four can stand. It's a long shot, but the chance for new parties is better in the next year than it has ever been.

Greenwald is also bringing real money to investigative reporting, a force that may well increase fissures in the establishment.

Green tea latte said...

Excellent bacon-weiner split in the House Republicans: 87 yay, 144 nay.

Basically Boehner led the Democrats to victory.

Get mad Tea Party, get mad and go all sesh! Don't tread on you!

Show Progressives how a new party gets made, and we'll tag team with you against the Dems, the GOP, and the NSA.