Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Social Security Gloom

In today's Spokesman Review we learn that Social Security is projected to become insolvent earlier than expected. This is actually old news and it's not nearly as bad as it's been portrayed in the media. We've been hearing gloom and despair about Social Security for quite some time now. Something as simple as raising the limit on the amount of income taxed for Social Security would be an easy fix. But we won't hear this option from most of Congress and we won't see much action from Congress except to allow the problem to get worse.

What we often hear is that the program is unsustainable. That entitlements need to be reformed. That privatization is the answer. All of these themes serve to benefit the financiers who would love to get their hands on that money and make a profit on it. Well, that's my theory anyway. Regardless, there's less concern for fulfilling a social contract and the purpose of Social Security which is to keep older Americans out of poverty. 

Nobody gets rich off of Social Security--yet. But once they start, they'll be singing its praises.


Grandpup Jones said...

Fund Social Security and Medicare through the income and capital gains tax system and eliminate the regressive and generationally unfair payroll tax.

Problem solved.


Anonymous said...

Or people could just die in a more timely manner like they used too.

Mabittarack Robamney said...

My fellow Americans, there is but one fair and effective way to solve the Social Security crisis:

Raise each and every young American's retirement age to coincide exactly with his or her date of death!

Together we can do this! Fired up, believe in me!

Bamittarack Boramney said...

My fellow, if inferior, Americans.

I thank my opponent for clearly laying out his extreme remedy for our Social Security crisis. Let there be no mistake: Under his plan, young Americans would enjoy not a single day of Social Security benefit before death.

Nothing could better illustrate the vast gulf between my opponent's extreme position and America's sense of fair play.

I ask you America, is it fair that someone would work their entire lives to pay for the retirement of others, and yet not earn a SINGLE DAY of retirement for themselves before they die?

I agree, America. That is why, under my plan, young Americans can earn a FULL DAY of prorated Social Security benefits. Yes, a full 24 hours of retirement!

And, young Americans can choose to retire at any time. Under my plan, any noncorporate citizen can retire at any age! No more tedious waiting for 65 or 70. Retire now, and you'll enjoy your full day of benefits. Freedom is about choice America.

After your retirement, you will be flown to Yemen and humanely killed with drones, as per your Constitutional right to nonjudicial due process.

And so young Americans, the choice couldn't be any cleater.

Vote for your future. Vote for choice. Vote for freedom.