Friday, April 13, 2012

Restoring The Public Trust

In today's Spokesman Review (and on line yesterday) we have an article in which a high ranking member of the police department acknowledges the department made mistakes in the Otto Zehm case.

Interim Chief Scott Stephens has this to say:

“I definitely think there were mistakes made that certainly caused a lack of confidence in the way the Spokane Police Department managed the entire incident. I think we have to own the mistakes we’ve made, acknowledge that and take measures that they don’t repeat.”

And then this:

“I think it’s important … so the public has confidence in what we are doing. I’m more than happy to share what those lessons were and what changes were made when it is appropriate. My desired outcome is that we restore the public trust and confidence in their department.”

I'm puzzled as to why there has to be an appropriate time to share what changes have been made. Plus, the changes I would expect would not only include how investigations of police conduct are done. I think there's a strong need for evaluating the police department's Use of Force policy. Reducing the public's fear of unwarranted use of force would also help with restoring the public trust.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We are still paying Rocky Treppiedi a salary.

Thompson is still free.

The chief still denies a coverup or violent abuse of power. It's stll "not an appropriate time" for transparency. The chief is still trying to influence the civil case.

The Guild continues to control the council, the mayor's office, and even the judiciary.

Otto Zehm is still dead.

Nothing has changed.