Thursday, May 31, 2012

An Example Of Mainstream Media Sucking

KHQ and many others had a touch of the vapors today about a photo of two military women who were--wait. Get the kids out of the room. You don't want them to see this. And don't read this aloud. They might hear you say the word "breast". We don't want them to know breasts exists until they learn all about them from late night cable TV, right?

Anyway, the photo traveling the world faster than a celebrity nipple slip is of two women in military uniform breastfeeding their children. I know! Shocking. I was especially taken by the question KHQ posed at the end of the article, which was apparently removed after an update.

Should military women be allowed to breastfeed in uniform in public?

As if that's the most pressing issue in society today...on a par with...say..."Should President Obama be able to order the deaths of Americans or foreign citizens in another country through the use of unmanned aircraft?" Yeah, it's that serious. 
I would also like to point out that our military personnel are revered as heroes in nearly every other context.

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