Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Solution In Search Of A Problem

I lived in Topeka, Kansas, for about eight years, moving back to Spokane in 1967 when my dad went to Vietnam. Being a former resident, I've kept tabs on Kansas happenings over the years. What a relief they've taken steps to prevent judges and state agencies from basing decisions on any foreign law.

Because if there's one problem we've noticed in Kansas--and apparently half the states in the country--it's judges and bureaucrats passing by their shelves of enacted legislation and going straight to their copies of the Mosaic Law, the Code of Hammurabi, Catholic Canon Law, the Ten Commandments, or even Sharia Law to make their decisions and rulings.

The next thing you know state officials and judges will use the bible to outlaw homosexuality, eating shellfish, growing different crops in the same field, or clothing made of more than one fabric.

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Not said...

It wouldn't surprise me to hear of a judge - especially in Kansas - basing a decision on Catholic Canon Law or the Ten Commandments. So now that you mention it, I hope that it comes up...
- Ventura