Saturday, May 5, 2012

This Time Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be my 17th consecutive Bloomsday and possibly my third barefoot one. Possibly? I tweaked a hamstring pretty good during the River Run and it hampered my stride to the point that my right foot doesn't land properly. The tightness in the back of my thigh had me bracing myself instead of relaxing during the two runs I've attempted in the last 12 days. It's pretty uncomfortable after three miles so I'm bringing my Vibrams tomorrow just in case.

Regardless, along with thousands of others, I will be part of that annual Spokane event celebrating the awesome sport of running. 

But my life is not without balance. I'm working the Bicycle Advisory Board/SpokeFest/Spokane Bikes/Summer Parkways booth at the Bloomsday Trade show today. And I'll be riding my bike to and from the race, thanks to the kind bike corral service provided by the Spokane Bicycle Club.

By the way, don't believe everything you see on the Internet. 
However, there are some hazards. If you see me during the run, please don't spit right in front of me. Thank you!

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