Friday, July 16, 2010

Out Of The Kindness Of Her Heart

This morning I left home a little early and took a different route to work on my bike. As I passed by the Five Mile Park 'n' Ride I spotted this on the back of the STA bus.

Pay to hear Sarah Palin talk about Taking a Stand: God, Family and Country? That got me curious so I looked it up. Teen Challenge Pacific Northwest and a book store called the Garden of Read'n worked to get Palin to speak at the "Raise the Roof" fundraiser for Teen Challenge's Montana Women's Outreach in Missoula.

Nice of her to speak at the Hilton Garden Inn and help raise money for a nonprofit organization helping women addicted to drugs or alcohol. But there's more to the story according to the Missoula Independent. 1600 tickets are available. At $100 each, that's a possible $160,000. Teen Challenge hopes to raise $50,000. Palin's speaking fee of $100,000, with a maybe of $75,000 since it's in the western U.S., means she will make more off the gig than the nonprofit the fundraiser is for.

I look forward to seeing how pans out on September 12. But I'm not buying a ticket. You can listen to her babble on the YouTube.

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Klay said...

you could go to youtube and listen to her babble but that even seems like a waste of time let alone PAYING to listen.