Monday, July 12, 2010

xkcd: Public Opinion

Nailed it.


Shan said...

Totally unrelated, but half of today's Diane Rehm show was about running (with shoes, without them, what the benefits were of each). Pretty interesting panel members. I drove around listening to it and wondering what your take would be on certain points. I'm leaving a link so you can check it out, in case you didn't catch it. If you're not familiar with her show on NPR, expect the piece to be about an hour... but all pretty interesting (I thought... and I haven't run a race since 2001 or at all since maybe 2007... argh!).

Shan :+)

Hank Greer said...


Yawwwwwwn, what a tough interview to get through. I thought Chris McDougall made some good points. My BF running has mirrored his experience in that I run for greater distances and feel better doing it. And like McDougall said, when I wear extra protection when I need it. Right now that consists of aqua sox.

I must admit I haven't been completely pain free. Blisters and sore muscles from doing too much too soon were the price I paid for not listening to my body last summer.

Here's what some of the BF/minimalist folks thought.

Shan said...

LOL, Sorry. I probably should have mentioned that I don't just drive around all day. I made several stops here at schools and employers. So I didn't hear the *entire* thing.

Some of the comments cracked me up (no soy milk here, though). And I was also dumbfounded by the remark about running being a simple activity. Seems to me that every athlete in any other sport is likely to work on form. Golf? Fencing? Basketball? It was a bizarre statement.

Hank Greer said...

I think "simple" means it's something we're designed to do. Yes, some are better/worse at it than others, but it's not how well you do compared to others that counts. It how well you do for yourself. Yet Chris mentions losing his form occasionally and working to get it back. That's part of listening to your body. If it hurts then you either need to rest or you're doing something wrong. Getting in tune with your body is the not so simple part especially in an instant gratification society