Monday, July 19, 2010

Get Motivated To Part With Your Money

Has anybody not noticed the full page ad in the Spokesman Review every day for the last week or two for the Get Motivated business seminar at the Arena on Aug 17? With a ticket price of only $4.95 a person and the Arena holding about 12,000+ with chairs on the floor, there's got to be another way to get money out of you since ticket sales ain't gonna cover the venue and speakers. "Upgraded" seats closer to the stage and the star belly sneetches speakers where you can presumably take better pictures while you bask in their greatness cost more so there's that.

When you register, you are also encouraged to order a workbook for $4.99. (Regularly $20.) Now you may ask yourself if getting a workbook is worthwhile. How can it not be if you get something to hang on your "I love me" wall?

Each GET MOTIVATED Seminar Workbook contains a beautiful, full-color 8.5” x 11” certificate of completion that is perfect for framing. You’ll want to hang this certificate in your office or add it to your portfolio.

And there's more. I was thinking about attending the seminar just to see if all the reviews were accurate. Did I say reviews? Check out the results you get from Google when you enter "Get Motivated Seminars" complaints in the search box. I suppose you could call those reviews.

But I decided I would do something far more worthwhile if I were to take a day off work. I saw on other blogs that Tamara Lowe, an owner and organizer of Get Motivated, will post a comment or two. No doubt she or someone working for her knows how to use Google Alerts.


Anonymous said...

What's Powell doing in this lineup of charlatans? I thought he was the real deal?

I have trouble believing Ziglar is still alive, let alone lively enough to sell snake oil.

Anonymous said...

I just attended the one in Knoxville July 21st. Its just as bad as the reviews on google say from folks. Its a big sales pitch that is full of lies. Zig Ziglar is alive but not able to speak without his daughter interviewing him on stage for 10 minutes to get him on track. Then they show clips from past speaking he has down. Really don't waste your time taking the day off. I went because my company had us attend other wise I would have avoided it.