Friday, July 9, 2010

Today's Photos

It's too hot to run barefoot during lunch so I took a walk with the camera today.

Under Abraham Lincoln's steady gaze, this gentleman was exhorting his fellow Americans to "take the government back" and yelling that America and Israel were the world's terrorists. An unusual position to be found in public in Spokane.

And he picked the hottest part of the day to convey his message of peace.

I was fortunate to catch this bee approaching a flower in Riverfront Park. Cool beans!

On the ride home I had to swing by and get a shot of this "weiner dog" bike rack outside the Priced Rite Foods grocery store at Garland and Post.

I spotted this by the Dollar Store on Francis near Wall. Times are tough when a Dollar Store has a closeout sale.

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benjammin509 said...

Nice photos. That is a pretty awesome bike rack.