Saturday, July 31, 2010

Making Spokane Cringe

It's election season. "Vote for me" signs are out. My answering machine intercepts robo-calls. Political post cards and mailers arrive every day. And the newspaper is full of ads and letters endorsing candidates.

But there's one candidate who is relying on a different method of getting some name recognition. David R. Fox is running for the 5th Congressional District. Well he paid the filing fee at least. He hasn't done any campaigning that I know of and little has been said of him until yesterday's Spokesman Review.

Fox has a checkered history that includes being accused earlier this year of demanding a client expose himself during a consultation in the Clallam County Jail. Fox denied the allegations in interviews with KOMO-TV in Seattle and the Peninsula Daily News, but Clallam County Sheriff Bill Benedict told the newspaper Fox did admit masturbating in the interview room.


Since arriving in the city this summer, police reports show he has been accused of skipping out on a $14 tab at a downtown bar. A Crime Check report says he tried to pay with a check but didn’t have identification, and when the server asked him to wait to speak with the manager, “he used profanity and left without payment.”

The same report says Fox is suspected of writing a bad check at another downtown restaurant, and was asked to leave the River Park Square mall or be cited for trespass.

Sunday night, it was Fox who called police from McDonald’s on West Third Avenue to say he’d been assaulted in a nearby courtyard below the interstate. Officers arrived and questioned Fox, who identified Washington. Washington admitted hitting Fox.

When an officer asked why, Washington said it was because Fox had asked him for oral sex and “I just hit him, I went crazy.”

Which begs a question of Mr Fox. Why are you here?

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Spokane Al said...

I did get a chuckle in reading that Mr. Fox could not understand why he was attacked. He was, after all, very polite when he asked for oral sex.