Saturday, October 2, 2010

More Tired Arguments

Two letters to the Spokesman Review editor in two days decry the doom of bike lanes. In yesterday's paper, Dave Milbrath, of Idaho who claims to be a bike enthusiast draws the conclusion that this is wasteful spending.

...I wonder how our federal government can spend $600,000 creating bike paths in downtown Spokane. It is no wonder our country is heading towards bankruptcy.

Hmm, since our country is in desperate need of cash maybe Dave is okay with not extending the Bush tax cuts set to expire on Dec 31, eh? Besides, $600,000 is a water vapor particle rising above the pool when you consider how much we spend on war. Ouch, now we're talking financial and moral bankruptcy.

And then in today's paper, Kat Fiessinger of Spokane, says cyclists need to pay their fair share.

My question is, when did the bicyclists in this town/state/country pay the taxes that created the infrastructure that the new pathways are built on?

Ohhh, same time as you did, Kat. Cyclists are just getting some fresh air and exercise, creating less pollution, having some fun, and saving wear and tear on the cars they own. Like you, Kat, I am appalled at their arrogant, selfish behavior.


Spokane Al said...

And I suppose I could use the same argument as Kat concerning all those people walking on the sidewalks.

Just when are they going to start paying their fair share towards maintaining those sidewalks?

Not said...

It sounds like some Spokane residents haven't heard about the 10-year street bond. That's not an increased gasoline tax, it's an increased property tax. Cyclists are subsidizing drivers, because cyclists pay more for road maintenance than they consume.
- Ventura