Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why I'm Voting Democrat

After a careful review of the Washington State Democrat Party 2010 Platform I have come up with the following reasons for voting for Democrat candidates.

Sustainable agriculture, safe food, growth management, reduction of herbicides and pesticides, clear food labeling, small farms, wetlands protection, and locally grown food.

Privacy protection, overcoming discrimination, sovereignty over our bodies, marriage as a legal union of consenting adults.

Antitrust law enforcement, separating investment banking from commercial banking, increased financial regulation, financial consumer protection agency, and limiting corporate copyrights.

A progressive tax system, removing the cap on Social Security tax, small business support, and capping payday loan interest and fees.

Affordable access and full funding of education mandates, smaller class sizes, medically accurate sex education, and nutritious meals.

And so much more. It's a dream, but one worth shooting for.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your choice of some of what I call cloud issues that look good until you remove the cloud and see the true actions, caused me to go to the Republican platform and see what could compare... I went there and never made it to their platform, just an announcement of further proof of the Democrat party clouds and deception.

I can't back either party platform in fullness. I look at the individual and hope they do what they present. When the candidates shift under shifty presentations, can't help but wonder how they will perform in office.

I like your choices in issues for the most part, that is what is great about freedom of choice and the ability to respect others. It is good if it does not include harming others or expecting others to pay for their lifestyles for their personal choice of freedoms.

So does the democratic platform also defend deceit and smoke to make others look bad ... isn't that a form of cheating? Isn't there a statement out there, "Once a cheater ... " Where is their line?
Where can we say,OK we can trust them to do this without cheating?

What is worse, believing in those who pretend they have your back and you discover they lied to get ahead or knowing what they stand for and you have a fighting chance to work for change to what you seek?

Course, the current political scene is crazy no matter where you look.

Maybe faith needs another chance ..