Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Pick Of The Litter

Stephanie was all too eager to help me make a dessert this evening, mostly with the fun parts like this really cool egg white separator.

Testing the salad bar sneeze blocker at a buffet with this baby would make for a memorable evening.

Of course, she had to help me with the grossest part. Yes, this is a kitty litter cake. Lunchtime at work tomorrow is going to be...different. Stephanie said, "I'm proud of my turds." Didn't she make some really great turds?


Lucas said...

That is gross. And awesome.

John Speare said...

Ha! As I glanced at the first picture, I thought for sure she was hitting the netti pot to clear up her nose from the last set of pics. I was impressed with the snot pic yesterday, but I was ready to be down right prostrate if you showed her netti potting.

Hank Greer said...

Lucas: You forgot "tasty".

John: Had to look that one up. I've never heard of a neti pot before. Ewwww, gross.

Unknown said...

I love kitty litter cake and hate it too. My friend makes it for Cub Scouts and always wins the grossest food. I put shaped rice crispy treats and covered in chocolate and put them on top of a diaper.

Her cake STILL won.

It's gross, it's awesome and yet, I resent it. I'm visiting via one minute blog.

Hank Greer said...


Thanks for stopping by. May I suggest using a bed pan and chunky-looking chocolate pudding as a dip to go with your chocolate covered rice crispy treats?