Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Great And Glorious Oz Has Spokane

Last last night I received an email from Cathy McMorris Rodgers with the subject line "Trusting Main Street to Do What's Right" and she's channeling Frank Morgan's character using levers and valves to distract us with bursts of flame and steam.

Trusting Main Street? What about Wall Street? The news is not replete with stories of greed and gluttony by local bike shops, restaurants, and book stores. Here we go:

Tonight, President Obama outlined his priorities as we address the challenges facing America. No matter the issue, it is important to remember the best solutions come from Main Street, not from Pennsylvania Avenue.

I look forward to working with President Obama to help turn our economy around and tackle the important issues facing our country.

You can read more of my thoughts by clicking here or watch a “behind the scenes” video on President’s address to Congress by clicking here.

Not much content in the email. So I checked out her "thoughts":

“The biggest challenge our nation faces is the economy. Growing and expanding our economy starts with true tax relief that allows middle class families and small businesses to keep more of their hard-earned money, instead of sending it to Washington D.C. It also involves investing in infrastructure and our workforce.

(Steam puffs and a long flame) Perhaps she didn't get the memo that there are tax cuts for the middle class and the poor in the stimulus bill she voted against.

“I applaud President Obama’s commitment to reducing our national debt. Just like families and small businesses must balance their budgets and prioritize spending, the federal government must do the same. Now is the time for both parties to back up their promises for fiscal discipline.

(I can't see through all the steam) The Republican party of Barry Goldwater promised fiscal discipline. Today's Republican party bears no resemblance to that.

“In order for America to remain strong and safe and if we are going to attract and train and put in harm’s way America’s finest, our military men and women need the best training and proper equipment to accomplish the mission and build new weapons systems to stay ahead of the threat.

(Extra flame throwing on this one) We have the largest standing military force in the world. And what threat is she referring to?

“A health care solution to ensure access to quality and affordable health care for every American is necessary. I look forward to working with President Obama to expand health information technology, especially in the rural areas, which will improve health care delivery and save costs. Ultimately, it is also very important that any health care solution protect the treasured doctor patient relationship.

(She's working those levers hard fogging things up with the steam) Nice segue from "solution" to "doctor-patient relationship". But I think the health care solution most of the country is talking about concerns people who never, rarely or can't afford to see a doctor and establish such a relationship, finally get to.

“I look forward to championing Eastern Washington energy solutions as part of meeting our national energy needs. Eastern Washington has led in renewable hydro, wind, biomass, and biofuel projects. We also have companies like Itron developing new smart meter technology for increased conservation and Schweitzer Engineering expanding critical smart grid innovation.

(I think she has a stuck valve) The requisite lip service to renewable energy.

“I believe the best solutions are developed when Republicans and Democrats work together. I stand ready to work with President Obama and the rest of his party to unleash American ingenuity and the entrepreneurial spirit.”

(Pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain!) Which is why she voted "No" on the stimulus bill? You should pay every attention to Congresswoman Cathy Rodgers McMorris's actions.


I also checked out her "behind the scenes" video on YouTube. Fortunately, it's less than two minutes in length but it's crammed with maybe one second of information. Okay, I'm being generous.

BTW, our fair congresswoman is all a-twitter.

Oh, and I look forward to be unsubscribed from her newsletter again.

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