Sunday, February 8, 2009


A very fervent young priest at St Thomas More did the Mass and gave the sermon today. Kindly put, his sermon would be considered strange. I thought it was illogical fear mongering. First he completely misrepresented the story of Job as a true story and used it as an example of how the devil causes all fear and anxiety when, in this story, God is the one who brings up Job and gives the Satan permission to test him by killing his children and taking away all his possessions. The priest emphasized that belief in and love of God removes all fear and anxiety. He didn't mention anything specific, but I wonder if he was trying to address the fear and anxiety brought on by our failing economy. For some reason he brought up the guy in Jurassic Park that tried to hide in a bathroom and was eaten anyway by the T-Rex as an example of someone who denies reality. Okay...I guess. He also mentioned how Jesus cast out demons and how that is still an important part of the church today. I can't think of any instances where demons have been cast out in this age and he did not offer any evidence to back this statement up. Then he went on to decry the use of tarot cards, astrology, yoga (the meditation, not the stretching) and ouija boards as a means for allowing spirits to come into our lives. And they're probably not good spirits. We don't know. So we shouldn't do that. Because we can't know for sure that they're good spirits. A puzzling and bizarre sermon. Quite the contrast with others where the priest tries to apply the readings to today's world.

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