Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What Happens In Vegas...

Some very good friends of ours in Maine called last month and said they were going to Vegas. Would we go too? Absolutely!

The Blue Man Group was great. We were in the poncho zone, but fortunately we did not get hit. One poor woman got squirted with a load of mashed bananas. The ponchos do not completely cover your legs.

We also went to Cirque du Soleil Mystere. We've seen Cirque du Soleil shows on the television and we've always been impressed by them. They are absolutely awesome in person.

A bull bidet?

The flying inanities and security theatre continue. You have to buckle your seat belt before the plane can push away from the gate. After pushing away they show you how to buckle your seat belt. Going into the airport my CPAP machine gets a wipe down and test from TSA every time. I had no idea they could be explosive.

Funniest Home Video Moment: A young man had his carry-on bag with the handle extended lying on the floor. He stepped on the end of the bag to bring the handle up and instead of catching it, drove said handle into his groin. I wanted to say, "Dude! You just racked yourself," but I could tell he already knew. So could everyone else waiting at Gate C-2.

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