Thursday, September 3, 2009

Butter Me Up Baby

I've sorely missed butter on my potatoes and veggies so I looked on the Interwebs for directions for making your own butter. All I needed was some raw milk. I had all the required equipment.

First, let the milk sit for 12-24 hours and then skim off the cream that's floating on the top. Or you can poke a hole in the bottom of the jug, drain off the milk, and pour the cream into a bowl.

Let the cream sit at room temperature until it reaches reaches 60 degrees. This calls for some precise measuring.

You can put the cream in a mason jar and shake it until the butter lumps together. There's no need for overkill to whip the cream until the butter forms.

Put the butter in a cheesecloth and squeeze out the remaining buttermilk. If, like me, you don't have cheesecloth then coffee filters will do in a pinch.

Put a towel under the filter and use a wooden spoon to press out the buttermilk. I went through about six filters.

This is going in the freezer just in case I missed any buttermilk. I wouldn't want it to go bad on me. Tomorrow my locally grown veggies will taste better than ever.


Pat S said...

Validation that necessity truly is the mother of invention. :-)

Homestretch now . . . we're all pulling for you. Great job!

You owe yourself a microbrew and something greasy and gross in the park, although I'm guessing that after 5 days of acclimation to local, greasy is gonna taste really gross.

Rachel said...

Nice work!
And a pretty good yield too. I didn't realize one could get that much butter from just a half gallon. Maybe I should have tried for that instead of buying the oil I did....

Ryan said...

I made butter like that last summer (but used my mini Cuisinart). I left it on the coffee table after breakfast for a while and the dog ate everything left in the little bowl.