Friday, September 25, 2009

The Making Of Glenn Back

I don't watch Glenn Beck mainly because I can't stand to watch him. But then that's true of any of the cable talking heads. But it turns out Beck has an interesting history. I remember hearing about some of his publicity stunts although I don't remember his name being associated with them.

I didn't know he was from Mount Vernon, Washington--as if that really makes a difference--until I read the mayor was going to award Beck the keys to the city. That's been a little controversial itself.

Alexander Zaitchik has an excellent three-part series about Glenn Beck over on Links to Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

After reading about his rise to fame I have to wonder what really motivates him. And I wonder if he is familiar with the movie A Face In The Crowd.


Lucas said...

The Salon article was VERY informative. And Beck knows "A Face in the Crowd" but only because Keith Olbermann refers to Beck as "Lonesome Rhodes". I know this because I occasionally listen to Beck, and he went on a whole rant about how "A Face in the Crowd" is communist propaganda since it was directed by Elia Kazan. But it is startlingly parallel to Beck. I like the image of Beck with a ponytail snorting coke in a DeLorean. I have heard it put that Limbaugh is the most evil, since he knows what he is doing and understands the impact of his work. Hannity is a Limbaugh parrot, he doesn't understand as much but he is such an ideologue it sounds good to him. And Beck I believe only cares about ratings, and is willing to sink to unprecedented depths to get them. Did you see the thing with the frogs?

Hank Greer said...

Since I never watch Beck for more than 10 seconds, I was unaware he was familiar with A Face In The Crowd or that Olberman refers to him as Lonesome Rhoads. I saw a headline somewhere that he did something with a frog and boiling water as a demonstration for what is happening to the country or something. It sounded like some real meaningful discourse.