Saturday, September 12, 2009

What Exactly Is The Public Option?

Robert Greenwald is a film maker who has made many documentaries, one of which resulted in testifying before Congress. I like his style of digging deep into the subject matter at hand.

Here's a Brave New Films short of former Labor Secretary Robert Reich explaining what a public option for health care coverage really means for working people. Notice that when he mentions those trying to scare the public, they show one Fox network talking head after another. I wonder why that is. I suppose that if I watched them I would know.


Spokane Al said...


Actually many, if not most of the "talking heads" were not Fox personalities.

I agree that there is much to be fixed with our current medical system. However, I don't believe the public option is the way.

And I am a bit troubled by the president and his supporters continuing to stress that opponents are bickering and fighting when in fact many have presented alternatives to the democratic majority plan.

I think it would be worthwhile if both sides listened to the other a bit rather than tossing hand grenades at each other.

Or, of course, what is stopping the democratic majority from just rolling on and over and minority and passing their version of a health care bill? I suppose it could be future reelections that may be at risk.

Take care.

Hank Greer said...


"I don't believe the public option is the way."


"...many have presented alternatives to the democratic majority plan."

Such as?