Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hercules In Spokane

Last night I put my running sandals together. I don't have the leather footbed yet, but I can add that at any time.

My family's reactions:

Kathy: (laughter) "I'm gonna call you Hercules. I look forward to the rest of your body changing to match."

Steph: "Dad, those are lame."

Josh quietly allowed me to keep what little dignity I had left.

I wore them a little last night and for a couple hours this morning. The design is fascinating. A single leather lace holds the sandal on with the proper wrapping and a slip knot. They're not uncomfortable, but feet being as sensitive as they are, they will tell you if the knot is uncomfortably pressing on a tendon. Since I never wear sandals that have a piece between the the first and second toe, I'm just going to walk around in them until I think it's safe to run for any distance. I trotted around a little bit and it felt like protected barefoot running.

In the meantime, I'm working on lip synching to overdubbed English while I mouth words in another language. Maybe I could wrestle someone wearing a ten-dollar bear suit.


Jacque Hendrix said...

My reaction matches Kathy's. Well, the laughter part anyway. I think I may have some dignity left, want some?

Pat S said...

"I trotted around a little bit and it felt like protected barefoot running.

That is possibly the creepiest sentence I have ever read. Not that it matters, though . . you're running on (pun intended) borrowed dignity.

Jacque, if you have any left over after Hank raids your stash, I'd like to nibble at the scraps.