Friday, September 4, 2009

Locavore 100-Mile Challenge - All Done

Breakfast: My last two hard boiled eggs and the last of the apple cider.

Morning snack: An apple and my last peach.

Lunch: Leftovers from the last two nights. Grilled lamp chops, mashed potatoes with and with the roasted garlic, the rest of that roasted onion, yellow squash, and a homegrown tomato.

Afternoon snack: Three apples.

Dinner: Grilled sirloin steak (Olsen), green beans from the garden, and corn on the cob from Greenbluff. Butter made from Mountain Moon Farm raw milk (Addy) on the veggies! Sorry, no photos of this meal.

Back on Day One, I said I ate a peach from Harvest House. I had one peach for each day. Yesterday, TiCaFam brought to my attention that Harvest House sells peaches obtained from elsewhere. I called them today and they said they grew and sold two types of peaches but also sold peaches from the TriCities area. I couldn't remember what type I bought. While I had them on the phone I verified they grew the corn I bought as well as the apples used to make the cider. My daughter, Steph, had gone with me to Greenbluff last Saturday so I called her and asked if she remembered what type of peaches I bought. She said we didn't buy them there. I had brought them home from my trip to the Spokane Farmers Market. I remember not buying anything from the Wapato stand at the market because I learned they were too far away. But I don't remember exactly which stand I bought the peaches from although I'm pretty sure they were within the 100-mile limit.

Although Remi generously gives me the benefit of the doubt, after thinking it over, in the interest of fairness and to avoid any discredit I think it best to withdraw my name from the challenge.


Bart_Mihailovich said...

You played the competition well Hank! Congrats!

Bart_Mihailovich said...

You played the competition well Hank. Congrats!

Pat S said...

I'm not part of the challenge, but if I was the boss, there's NO WAY I'd allow you to withdraw. Application denied.

Competing had to have taken huge time and energy and there was no way there was any intent on your part to cut any corners. Get real, Hank, you nailed it! Well done.

Remi said...

I'm with Pat S on this; we're not accepting the withdrawl.

Rachel said...

I agree with Pat as well!

The only other stand at the Farmers' Market selling peaches that weren't from Wapato was a farm in Kettle Falls. So not only did Remi not accept the withdrawl anyways, you're still totally legit!

Hank Greer said...

I went to the market this morning. (BTW, after my first cup of tea since last Sunday I'm bouncing around like Ricochet Rabbit. The peaches came from Cliffside Orchard of Kettle Falls. And I had to buy some more.

Becky said...

Good to hear you are legible, Hank! You made some incredible looking meals, not to mention butter, it would be unfortunate to be out of the competition because of a few peaches. Congratulations!