Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Full Moon Fiasco Velocipede Academy of Dipsomania

Last night's Full Moon Fiasco was excellent. A "Back To School" theme that many participated in. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera. How could that happen? Yesterday afternoon I got an email from Pat. Some time ago we had emailed back and forth chatting about his fixed gear. Anyway, yesterday he asked if I wanted to ride it for a while and check it out. Did I ever! And perfect timing! I could pick it up on the way to the FBC ride and take it home afterwards. (Thanks again, Pat. Your bike is in good hands.) So in my excitement to jump in the van and drive to Pat's house, I forgot to bring my camera and bike lock for the FBC ride. (Thanks, Jon, for sharing your lock.)

Faculty members and students were in full attendance at the Full Moon Fiasco Velocipede Academy of Dipsomania. I was dressed as a principal. (When I entered the Swamp the guy behind the bar was concerned because he thought I was from the Liquor Board. Too funny.) I had a clipboard of detention slips and a "Board of Education" in hand. I counted 53 in attendance at homeroom class. A couple people were tardy and received detention and a stern lecture. One "young" man had excessively long hair. I wanted to break out the clippers so bad. Leaving the Swamp we cruised through downtown Spokane and several people asked the group, "What's goin' on?" It's as if they've never seen a group of cyclists in costume riding at night around here. On to the Gonzaga University area and everyone went to second period class at the Bulldog Tavern. I handed out a few more detentions and heard lots of people recount their school disciplinary experiences. One Spicoli-like person required my attention on more than one occasion during the night. I think he was on dope.

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