Saturday, September 13, 2008

White Men Of The World Unite!

Have you ever clicked on the Next Blog link just to see what you might find? I found a real winner called The Alaska Migration.

The purpose of the Alaska migration blog is to encourage White Nationalist Americans, Canadians, and others from around the world to migrate to Alaska in large numbers, become the predominant group, and secede from the United States. We believe that we can only secure an existence for our people and a future for white children by forming our own nation in the northern world.

They only need 50,000 white men to accomplish their goal.

Alaska is not perfect. The state is about 70% white and there is far too much diversity in places, particularly in Anchorage thanks to the presence of the US military. Nonetheless, there are countless places where people with pioneer spirits can settle and build communities with racially and culturally like-minded people. The Alaska Migration is not about getting together, drinking beer, and whining incessantly about blacks, Mexicans, Jews or any other group. Rather, it is an initiative where we can encourage the best of the white race to relocate to an area and preserve nature’s most endangered species.

If the state is 70% white wouldn't that make them the predominant group? Why do they need 50,000 more white men and their families? Does success rely on 75%? Do only white people have pioneer spirits? If the best of the white race is from different parts of the world are they culturally like-minded? I'm betting that phrase just means "hates all nonwhites." Poke through the few comments and you find other white supremist links. Really bizarre, tasteless, hateful and offensive stuff. It's amazing and frightening what people will believe.

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