Saturday, September 20, 2008

It Must Be Election Time

Yesterday I received en email newsletter from Cathy McMorris Rodgers entitled Empire Health Sale: Good for Eastern Washington. In it she says,

I wanted to let you know what I think of Providence Health Care’s decision this week to drop the lawsuit against Empire Health Services.

I am thankful Providence Health Care dropped this lawsuit, which may have jeopardized Empire Health Services’ planned sale to Community Health Systems. If done in cooperation with our community, the sale of EHS to CHS will benefit our region and can benefit shared resources, like Inland Northwest Health Services. A two hospital system in Spokane will help maintain competition, continue to provide access to health care and bring additional investments in 21st century health care services.

Sacred Heart and Deaconess already shared Inland Northwest Health Services. No change there. The two hospital system was already in place. No change there. The hospitals have always competed against each other. No change there. The hospitals never stopped providing access to health care. No change there. The not for profit hospital becomes a for profit hospital. Change.

I remain steadfast in ensuring access to quality and affordable health care that Eastern Washington has come to expect. I am committed to making sure this sale has a positive impact on our community, health care workers, providers, and those who are dependent on receiving the best care available.

Why does it matter that I know what she thinks about this? The underfunded Democratic candidate can't be that much of a threat to her. Now if we could only compare and contrast her health insurance plan with some of her constituents' plans. I wonder what she thinks of that?

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Anonymous said...

Good points Hank. I hadn't considered the political implications before I read your post(although I've been aware of the pending sale. I never trust those Republicans!