Tuesday, September 2, 2008


In my last post I came up with "equagap" to describe an equal distance between the brake pad and the rim on both sides of the wheel. After thinking about this (It didn't keep me up at night but I still spent too much time on this) I considered spelling it "equigap" along the lines of equidistant and equivalent.

Leave it to the IEEE. Here's an extract from a paper I stumbled across while searching for equigap.

"Twit Property 2 (Twit Compressor): A standard compressor normally implemented by a collection of standard full-adders, may receive equigap twits in lieu of input posibits and produce twits with the same gap where one normally sees output posibits."

You know the open-mouthed blank look you get when ask a Wal-Mart employee about the components on the bikes they sell. That's me when I read this.

Now to find where John is.

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Pat S said...

I-triple-E. Oh crap, that explains a lot. I was trapped in dorms with you freaks for nine long months. You and the concrete-canoe-building-CE's, who were only slightly less freakier. :-) Heaven help us.