Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Just Goofin' Around

Steph cruisin' around the neighborhood on a Miyata we are "storing" for the owner. It's a fun little bike.


The Editor said...

I love the logic problem video, totally deductive. Anyway, on the fbc blog you mention other bike clubs that contribute to the scene, what are these bike clubs? I'm really interested.

Hank Greer said...

Spokane Bicycle Club - http://www.spokanebicycleclub.org
Baddlands - http://www.baddlands.org/
Rocket Velo out of North Division Bikes - http://www.spokanerocketvelo.com/
Women on wheel (WOW) - http://www.baddlands.org/wowbabes.htm
Fat Tire Trail Riders Club - http://www.fttrc.org/

EMDE Sports for the triathletes - http://emdesports.com/

There's an informal group that meets at Wheel Sport in the valley and rides, I think every Thursday afternoon.