Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Fearmonger At Work

The Inlander has seen fit to grace us with another George Nethercutt column.

As you sit in your home watching illegal immigrants enter the United States each day for years without restriction, you might imagine that one day some illegal immigrant might knock on your door and frighten your family or enter your home when you’re not there. A recent report in Washington state documented illegal immigrants who committed crimes against Washington state residents and then were deported to Mexico only to return again to commit other crimes.

They are not entering the country without restriction. They are entering by evading the restrictions we place before them. As to illegal immigrants knocking on my door and frightening my family, I had no idea that was a common practice of theirs. And then there was this one time when an illegal immigrant who either was a criminal or became a criminal did not stay out of the country when we told him to. The nerve of that guy! And since there have been more than one then all 12-20 million illegal immigrants must be criminals. That's why they take all those crappy and low-paying jobs. It's easier for those sneaky people to hide.

If you’re not racist, but just frightened about the security of your home from illegals you don’t know, you want the law to:

    Require federal-state cooperation in enforcement of immigration laws.
    Prosecute illegal immigrants.
    Prohibit human trafficking of illegal immigrants.
    Allow police officers to arrest an illegal immigrant if that immigrant is discovered to be illegal pursuant to a lawful arrest.
    Prosecute and enforce laws against employers who hire illegal immigrants.

This is disingenuous. It makes it sound like we don't do these things. It's done all the time!

If that’s how you feel, you probably don’t like President Obama, safe in the White House with federal officials guarding him and his family 24-7, telling you that the Arizona law is automatically unconstitutional and fosters “racial profiling.”

Yes, imagine the nerve of President Obama. He and his family are safely protected 24-7. They don't have to worry about illegal immigrants walking through their back yard rummaging through their patio furniture, trampling their flowerbeds, handling their garden tools, lawnmower or barbecue equipment. Yes, HANDLING them like they do ours!

But Mr Nethercutt is not without compassion.

My heart goes out to illegal immigrants who come to the U.S. for a better life. God bless them as human beings. But their best path to the blessings of liberty is not by sneaking in through the backyards of Arizona, but by entering the old-fashioned way legally and with proper purpose.

Let's see, the first immigrants who entered this country killed or displaced the natives who already lived here. Was that the old-fashioned way with the proper purpose?

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