Wednesday, June 30, 2010

They Looked Just Like Us!

I have an observation about how amazed the media is at the "distinctly American lives" led by the alleged Russian spies. From today's Spokesman Review:

Richard and Cynthia Murphy grew lettuce in a backyard garden, walked their daughters to the school bus each morning, and swapped Christmas cards with old neighbors who had moved to Texas.

Their modest three-bedroom house sported maroon shutters and a wrap-around porch, and sat on a winding street in a well-heeled suburb across from Manhattan. They drove a green Honda Civic.

To all appearances, the Murphys were a typical, child-obsessed American family – not deep-cover Russian spies straight from a Cold War novel.

A Cold War novel is...wait for it...fiction! These deep-cover spies, if that's what they are, looked exactly like they were supposed to. I've grown lettuce. I used to drive a green Honda Civic. I have a wrap-around porch and shutters on my house. I've even swapped Christmas cards with old friends in Texas.

Fascinating. I'm sending a report about this journalistic incredulity back to the Motherland.


Anonymous said...

The FBI suspected they weren't Americans because they still had jobs, hadn't lost their houses, and were civically involved.

You're next, Hank.

Hank Greer said...

Dang, that's funny.