Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Naked Bike Ride Day

Yeah, that's a misleading, but attention getting title. Every once in a while I lead a ride for the Spokane Bicycle Club and today was one of those days. I joked with everyone that since although it is World Naked Bike Ride Day, we would wait until we got away from "civilization" before we disrobed. Uneasy laughter all around. People who don't know me tend to take me seriously.

Going up the hill on Fairview, I heard someone yell, "Ahhhhhhhh!" and then a crash. Bob's chain came off and he couldn't disconnect a shoe from a pedal in time and down he went. Fortunately, all he hurt was his pride.

The route was to take us to the sculptures of Bill Sanders I stumbled across back in March. We unlatched a gate and went inside the fence to check out the sculptures. Not long afterward a dog came out and started barking at us. Soon after Bill Sanders came out of his workshop yelling at the dog to be quiet. Bill graciously showed us around a little and invited us inside his shop to see his latest project.

This is Alice. Alice will unceasingly bark at you. Bill says he got Alice from the pound and she is afraid of people. She won't bite you as long as you don't try to touch her. So if she invades your personal space, just leave her alone and everybody gets along real nice like.

A Spanish Conquistador Bill just finished. He said he's trying to get it to a school in Florida.

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