Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We Need A Candidate Like This In Our District

Ernest Huber is challenging current office holder Dave Reichert (R) in Washington's 8th District. You can tell Ernest isn't all that web savvy. Everything he believes and stands for is on one lo-o-o-o-o-o-ong page. Here's are some interesting snippets:

There is no national debt. Social security is not bankrupt. You owe no income tax, and you never have.

Most of our problems weren't acquired overnight, but they can be quickly fixed. I will promote immediate and dramatic economic relief by sponsoring or supporting the following legislation and administrative procedures.

There's a relatively simple way to fix unemployment and the economy, and it's much better than a Flat Tax or a Fair Tax. It's called the No Tax. It will require never again borrowing from the Federal Reserve, paying the expenses of government with Constitutional money, cutting federal spending, cutting the number and power of government employees, closing most federal buildings, dispersing most necessary federal functions to the states, counties and cities, balancing the budget, and eliminating all federal taxes.

No doubt dispersing the federal functions to the local governments will somehow cost less, too. And not paying taxes will easily cover the cost.

Government employees who lie about health care, and spread panic and disinformation to seize control of twenty percent of our economy and our medical freedom, should be in jail, not in public office. Obama's health care "law" clearly violates the 5th, 9th, 10th, and 13th Amendments, and the Separation of Powers. The health care bill was largely drafted and coordinated by the SEIU and its communist leader Andrew Stern, a frequent White House visitor. The SEIU and ACORN were started and directed for thirty years by the communist Wade Rathke. The communist dictator Fidel Castro was delighted and praised Obama on the bill's passage. Get the picture?

Danged communists!

The gravest threat to our national security is from those who have infiltrated our Constitutional government under political pretenses, and are dismantling it and installing a dictatorship. They must be immediately arrested and jailed by whatever means necessary.

Dirty, rotten communists!

Environmentalism has become a Leninist weapon. Communists wear many masks. One of them is a criminal conspiracy called Sustainable Communities. This little trick was thought up by a group of watermelons (green on the outside and red on the inside) and injected through the UN as Agenda 21, then into our Department of Agriculture and is now being huckstered to our communities. To implement its radical environmentalism, you would have to surrender all of your freedoms to the same kinds of losers who originally instigated Agenda 21. This is a perfect example of what the Chicago communist Alinsky meant by overthrowing our nation from the bottom up by subverting our institutions.

Hidden communists in plain sight!

This party in Congress has been infiltrated by liars, gangsters, and communists who intend to rape and destroy our freedom-loving, Christian, Constitutional America. Their Obamunist apparatchik candidates insult and assault our great people and our Republic. Most Democrats in Congress are political terrorists who improve nothing and leave destruction in their wakes. Just watch C-SPAN. They arrogantly use communist code words, e.g., progressive, activist, and organizer, hoping to hide their actions and intentions.

Oh my gawwwwwwwwd, they're worse than communists. They're Obamunists.

Please forward this website widely, especially to any prospective Conservative Christian Patriot candidates. Check this website frequently and save it to USB storage, or print it, in case it "disappears." Time is short.

Because the Obamunists are a determined lot.

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